Bamboo Wooden Comb with Handle

Bamboo Wooden Comb with Handle

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Croll & Denecke's Bamboo Hair Comb is made of one of the fastest growing plants: Bamboo, and this comb is a solid hair care staple to avoid disturbing the natural structure of your hair. Available with and without a handle. Shiny hair is the result of a gentle hair care routine, and the best materials to keep hair damage free or help in it's rejuvenation are 100% natural. The handled product is shaped to comfortably fit into palms with ease and maximise comfort during use. Croll & Denecke take great pride in their eco-friendly stance and package all their products in recyclable card to reduce wastage.


  • Plastic Free
  • Made from Bamboo
  • Packaged with recyclable materials
  • Dimensions: 18cm x 5cm x 1cm
  • Weight: 0.2kg


Croll & Denecke specialise in providing affordable and natural skincare products to you and your family, hand-crafting raw, natural sponges and loofahs from the underwater tropics of the Caribbean and the Mediterranean.

Whether you indulge yourself in a long, warm and well-deserved soak in the tub, or a quick splash in the shower; treat your skin to a natural and non-abrasive routine in gently removing dead flaky skin, using the natural strength of the sea. Encouraged to use with all skin types, including sensitive and damaged skin, the sponges and loofahs support your body in its natural renewal. Offering a range of different shapes and sizes to care for the whole family's skincare requirements; from small round facial sponges for your morning refresh, to beautifully cut Dolphin shaped loofahs for children to enjoy. As well as offering bath care from adult to child, Croll & Denecke have an extended range from soft wooden bristled hair brushes and combs to tend to your luscious locks, to stylish soap dishes to brighten up your bathroom.

Sustainability is of a high importance to Croll & Denecke, each item is made from fully sustainable and eco-friendly materials which are harvested in an environmentally courteous manner twice a year from their underwater fields which grow back very quickly, to ensure the highest protection for our beautiful planet.

Started by Gustav Croll and Theodor Denecke back in 1897, Croll & Denecke are a family run business sharing skills passed through 4 generations; currently run by father and daughters Peter, Nina and Sara Hankiewicz. With over 120 years of expertise and skill, they have become a leading provider in supplying environmentally natural sponges throughout Europe.